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Does Invisalign Work?

Does Invisalign Really Work?

When planning to get Invisalign, patient compliance is just as important as doctor experience. I, nameAbbotsford, have gone to many conferences for Invisalign and have given it to numerous patients at clinicAbbotsford.  If I decided you're a good candidate and you wear your aligners as instructed (minimum 20-22 hours/day) you should have a favorable result. Invisalign, is the best way to go, they are comfortable, really easy to apply, and no one would know you are wearing them.
Many of my patients at clinicAbbotsford had good success with Invisalign. Good outcomes are very predictable when the patient is compliant with wearing their Invisalign trays.
Invisalign Before and Afte, nameAbbotsford

Invisalign Advantage over Braces

One advantage of Invisalign over braces is taking the aligners out to eat, then brush and floss, before replacing them. Often overlooked is that patients are supposed to brush after each meal with metal braces, and may be required to use elastics as well. The ability to take aligners out to eat and cleaning actually simplifies your life, making it an excellent choice for patients who may be unable to clean properly around fixed braces.