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Dental Filling

Dental Filling Abbotsford

Dental Filling Cost

Due to the fact that composite fillings require more time than amalgam fillings, the cost is also more expensive. In many cases, patients who have received silver amalgam fillings often return to their dentist at a later date and have them replaced with composite resin fillings. The cost for a composite resin filling will range between $135 and $240, while the cost of a silver amalgam filling will range from $110 and $200 per filling. Other factors that may influence the cost of fillings include:

  • The dentist’s experience.
  • The dentist’s location.
  • The number of tooth surfaces requiring treatment. For instance, one tooth many only have one surface affected by decay while another tooth may have all surfaces affected.
  • Most dental insurance companies will not cover the additional cost involved with composite fillings.